The Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Brunei is a non-profit Chinese business association. The Association was first established in 1946 and registered as the “Chinese Chamber of Commerce”; the following year, with the wishes of its members, it was renamed the “Chinese Chamber of Commerce” in 1947. In 2005, in view of the fact that this club is located in the national capital, is the center of national culture, politics, economy and trade, and its population is increasing, the Chinese believe that it is necessary to strengthen unity and cooperation. Under the consensus of members, it was renamed: Chamber of Commerce”.

At present, the Association has nearly 1,000 members. Members’ business covers all industries in the country, including manufacturing, professional services, insurance, law, banking, tourism, import and export trade, construction, transportation, department stores, wholesale and retail, catering and service industries.


Brunei is located in southeast Asia, northwest of Kalimantan, and borders the South China Sea in the north. It borders Malaysia’s Sarawak state on three sides to the west and southeast. The coastline is approximately 162 kilometers long and has 33 islands with a total area of 5,765 square kilometers. Brunei is a tropical rain forest climate. The introduction of Islam in the middle of the 14th century established the Sultanate. It became a British protectorate in 1888, was occupied by the japan in 1941, and Britain regained control of Brunei in 1946. In 1st of January 1984, Brunei became independant.